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Technical infrastructure plays a vital part in your overall SEO success. We dissect its inner workings to find out where you stand, what it will take to get your site firing on all cylinders, and how you can rank higher.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the foundation of a website. While a mixture of quality content, optimizations, and backlinks provide the greatest impact of an SEO strategy, they alone are not enough without a solid technical foundation.

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the infrastructure of a website to enable search engines to crawl and index its pages properly. Technical SEO doesn’t deal directly with the content of the website, but rather with its setup and elements like XML sitemaps, structured data, page speed, URL structure, navigation, robots.txt, etc. If these terms seem strange, don’t worry – Sure Oak has a series of SEO free tools to understand your site’s performance and to support technical features like XML sitemaprobots.txthttp headers, and more.

Our Approach to Technical SEO

In order to get the most out of your SEO marketing, a critical eye is needed behind the scenes to make sure your website is operating properly from Google’s perspective. Many times for us, this is the starting point of a targeted and effective SEO strategy.

Our experts have skill sets that cater to both the technical side of SEO and website development. So, when we look at what factors are most important, we can then also update these elements fast. We typically begin developing a website audit that covers every aspect of the site’s presence, including a deep dive into technical SEO areas.

We cover all the basics like page speed, schema markup, mobile experience, crawl errors, etc., but we also cover areas that many agencies leave out. We carefully examine the website code, architecture and structure, backend plugins, user experience, and more to verify that everything checks out.

By looking at the website holistically, we’re able to see how each area overlaps and plays with the others. Issues found are presented with solid solutions to fix them, as well as why these fixes are important for the overall strategy.

Don’t let your website suffer from foundational technical problems. Contact us today for more information!

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